Orange Beacon

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at the right time.

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Orange Beacons

Orange Beacon

Orange Beacon is a connected device allowing the automatic display of geolocalized messages on smartphones in the vicinity. Orange Beacon broadcasts a Bluetooth Low Energy signal which can be received by a majority of terminal devices, and has an autonomy of several years. At least two years of battery lifespan.

> Complete technical specifications.

  • At least two years of battery lifespan

  • Eddystone

Orange Beacon Tag

Orange Beacon Tag has the same functionalities of an Orange Beacon, but can also broadcasts messages when a movement or a temperature change occurs. Orange Beacon Tag has an autonomy of several months, which predisposes it for shorter duration events or domestic use. It is not Eddystone-compatible.

> Complete technical specifications.

  • Accelerometer

  • Temperature sensor

  • Dimensions

The iBeacon technology

  • Mobile phone operating system
    iOS 7 and later or Android 4.3 and later.

  • Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy
    often enabled by default and has no significant impact on mobile phone autonomy.

  • Respect of personal data
    beacons are only emitting and retrieve no data.

  • A «phygital»

    beacons are bridging the physical and the digital world.

  • A geolocalized system
    very precise and also working indoor.

  • Contextualized notifications
    send notifications and interact with mobile phones in the vicinity.

  • Conforme aux exigences

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Orange Beacon

Communicate the right message
at the right time.

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